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Personalized Internal Software Solutions

Sure you can buy a program from a major software vendor, which they sell to millions of other people, and it would probably work okay for what you need. However, it will never be ideal. To support the demands of the countless different buisnesses in the work, the software becomes so generalized, bloated, and overcomplicated that it leaves you and your employees frustrated with your system and unnable to work. The software also often requires special training to know how to use it.

For a small buisness with simple needs, the cost overhead for the system, much of which you will never use, can be painful. Not to mention when there is an issue you need to spend hours on hold to talk to tech support, only to get a technician who barely speaks English assigned to help you. Goodness knows if he'll even know his own software well enough to help you with your issue anyway.

A simpler local solution has countless benefits in comparision. For starters, you can talk face to face with a programer who actually works on your project about any issues you may have, changes you may want to make to the system, or features you want to add. We can customize and cater the software to the specific needs and nature of your buisness rather than trying to appeal to the world at large. The system will be simpler and easier to use because it just focuses on the basics. Sometimes less is more.

Coming Soon: Mobile Apps

We're working on expanding our horizons. Up next is app development for Android and iOS devices. If you're interested we'd love to talk!