Full Professional Website Design
Qualified, Professional IT support
Repair and Tune Up Your Computer

Website Design

Connecting your vision to the virtual world!

Your online presence reflects your success!

In todays age having an online presence is essential to your business success. However, it can be expensive, confusing, complicated and time consuming getting your own company website up and running. We employ talented designers who will take the hassel out of the web design process. We are local to the Uintah Basin!

Custom design helps you stand out.

A custom built website helps you stand out among the miriad of "cookie cutter" designs available out there. Instead of looking just like everyone else, you can have a customized design exclusive to you. We can also optimize your site to be mobile friendly for phone and tablet users.

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Computer Repair

Revitalize, repair and tune up your machine

We support windows based PC's, desktops and laptops as well as Apple based devices such as Mac's and Macbooks.

Is your computer running sluggish? Is your important data protected form viruses, spyware, trojans or other threats? We are the Basin's leader in commercial and residential technical support. We specialize in repairing your computer, and optimizing performance without data loss. We have the best rates available and if we can't fix it, you pay nothing for the visit! We have the best technicians, tools and supplies on hand, and the best warranty around! Come see us today for a free estimate on your computer repair.

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Custom Computers

Tired of off-the-self computers that never work as well as they ought to?

Companies that mass produce computers often sacrifice build quality to get your machines to you as cheaply as possibly. Despite even sometimes having state of the art specs, these computer often just don't feel quite right.

Our custom build, made-to-order desktops are nothing like that. We order only the high-quality parts to ensure that your computer performs like it should. We then build and test the computer by hand here in our local shop to ensure everything is in perfect working order. The extra tender loving care of a professional computer builder ensures that you have a reliable and trustworthy machine to match your needs.

We are certain you’ll love our builds for their reliability and stability. That’s why we offer an unbeatable 3 year in-house warranty on all our builds.

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