Custom Build Desktop Computers

Tired of off-the-self computers that never work as well as they ought to? Despite even sometimes having state of the art specs, these computer often just don't feel quite right. This is because companies that mass produce computers always sacrifice build quality to get your machines to you as cheaply as possibly. They tell you it has a 1 TB hard drive, but they don't tell you how fast that hard drive is, or what safegaurds it has to help ensure you don't loose your valuable data. They tell you they have 8 GB RAM, but they don't tell you it’s the cheapest RAM they can find.

Our custom build desktops are nothing like that. We order only the high-quality parts to ensure that your computer performs like it should. We then build and test the computer by hand here in our local shop to ensure everything is in perfect working order. The extra tender loving care of a professional computer builder ensures that you have a reliable and trustworthy machine to match your needs. Not only that, but because the builds are made to order, you can make sure to get the exact machine you need for what you do. You can come in to our shop talk to a real person about your computing needs, and we can compose the perfect build for you.

We are certain you’ll love our builds for their reliability and stability. That’s why we offer an unbeatable 3 year in-house warranty on all our builds. No one else can touch our warranty!

Our Custom Build Computers Typical Off the Shelf Computer
 Performance Level Hard Drive Economy Level Hard Drive
Trusted Name-Brand RAM Low Quality RAM
Windows 10 Pro Windows 10 Home
Clean Windows Install Loaded With Unwanted Software
Hand Built and Tested Mass Produced
Custom, Made to Order Cookie-Cutter Model
Talk to Real People About What You Need Try to Guess What You Need in a Computer
Free Professional Data Transfer Pay For Data Transfer or Do It Yourself
Unbeatable 3 Year Local Warranty 1 Year Mail-Away Warranty

Come in and order your made to order computer today! Desktop builds start at $899.99. Comes with the computer tower plus a mouse and keyboard. Monitors, speaker, and other peripherals sold separately if needed. Data transfer from your old machine is free with any new build.

High Quality Laptops

For those that need the portability of a laptop, we have done our research to identify the best laptops on the market. We order our laptops only from trusted and high-quality manufacturers to ensure a high-quality machine; we never settle for the cheaper economy grade computers. Then, when the laptops arrive, we give them a professional overhaul to remove the unwanted software that is installed by the original manufacturer, thereby ensuring you an optimal experience with minimal hassle.

Laptops start at $1199.99 and come with the same offer of complementary data transfer as our desktops. Laptop batteries are warrantied for 1 year, all other parts carry a 2 year warranty right here at our shop.