In-Store Computer Services

Maintenance and Cleanup

Is your computer feeling bogged down and slow? Often times all it takes to speed up a machine is a little tender loving care. We can check your computer for infections, remove unwanted software, and help catch problems before they become too serious.

Virus Removal

Uh oh, do you have a virus? Have you been the victim of a tech support scam? We can kick the bad guys out or your computer and repair the damage they have done to get your machine back to a secure and functional state.

Hardware Testing

There are broken computers, and then there are broken computers. We can test and diagnose hardware issues as well as software issues. Estimates are free, so you can get an idea of what your repair or service will cost before you pay a dime. If you want a full diagnosis report, or a repair, or any other service, then normal labor rates apply.

Data Recovery

Oh no! Has your computer failed on you without a good backup? We are often able to recover your critical data from your crashed machine for you so you can get back up and running.

If we can't recover data from your device, we charge you nothing. For serious drive malfunctions where data cannot be retrieved with our tools, we have partenered with renowned data recovery specialists Drive Savers as authorized resellers.

Data Transfer

Got a new machine? We can transfer all your personal data from your old machine to your new so you can hit the ground running! We are also happy to install your critical software on the new machine as well, just bring the license or subscription information.

This service is free for new computers purchased from us, otherwise it falls in the normal labor rates below.

Computer Setup

We can configure your new machine to run the way you need it to. this includes:

  • Removing Pre-installed Junk Software
  • Installing your software (bring license or subscription info)
  • Creating network shares (for business clients)

Free Estimates

If you are not sure if your machine is even worth fixing, we offer a free estimate. Please be aware this is not a full diagnosis, only a price estimate.


For the do-it-yourselfers out there, who just need some help to know what is wrong or what to do, we offer a diagnosis service. A diagnosis is not just a cost estimate, this is a full report of all the problems we found with your device, along with recommendations where applicable.


As a free service to the community, we offer electronics and computer recycling service. For your privacy, we destroy your personal data to ensure it won't fall into unwelcome hands. We do not refurbish or resell recycled computers, they are sent off to be responsibly recycled.

Any Device, Any Problem

We work on computers by any manufacturer, both Windows PCs and Macs. If it is broken, bring it in and we will be happy to take a look at it for you.


Estimate Only Free! Get a price quote to find out if your computer is worth fixing.
Diagnosis Only $65 Get a full examination of your computer, with a report of problems found, but no actual repairs.
In-Store Labor $65 - $130 Price depends on the amount of work needed to correct the problem. If replacement parts are needed, they will be bid separately.
Data Recovery $150.00 Retrieve your files from an unusable computer. Pay only if we actually get data.

Our Guarantee

You don't want to pay for tech time, you want to pay for the services that are of value to you. That's why we don't charge anything if, after receiving an estimate, you decide not to proceed with any repairs or other services.

We proudly stand by our work, so if you are not satisfied with the repair, let us know and we will make sure to get the issue resolved.