What is Custom Software?

Well, what do you want it to be?

Our custom software projects thus far have typically been customer databases used by businesses to track customer data relevent to the services the business provides. This is useful for keeping notes, generating invoices, or really whatever you need. That's the thing about custom software: we build whatever system you need.

Just ask. Because of the vast range of possiblities, pricing and build time will have to be bid on a per-project basis. Please come and talk to us.

Custom Internal Software Solutions

You don't run a generic business, why should the software that makes your whole business tick be generic?

Sure you can buy a program from a major software vendor, which they sell to millions of other people, and it would probably work okay for what you need. However, it will never be ideal. To support the demands of the countless different businesses in the work, the software becomes so generalized, bloated, and overcomplicated that it leaves you and your employees frustrated with your system and unable to work. The software also often requires special training to know how to use it.


A custom software solution is for you and you alone. This reduces complexity by only doing what you need, not trying to appeal to everyone. This makes the system easier to learn and use. Sometimes less is more.


Your business has policies and practices in place that best fit your business model. This can be taken into account when building the software to ensure it works the way you want.

Local Support

You are one quick phone call away from the programmers who work on your software. No difficult to understand foreign tech support.

Multiple Platforms

We can target Windows, MacOS, ChromeOS, Android, iOS, and/or Linux systems. Often programs can be designed in such a way that they will run on more than one of these platforms; for example to support iOS, Android, and ChromeOS, or to support Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

Please note that, beacuse of Apple's developer fees and restirctions, projects targeting MacOS and/or iOS will incur extra costs compared to other platforms. Also note that projects targeting both desktop and mobile devices can incur extra costs as the app usually has to be built twice.